Tips For your Brand/Philosophies on Social Media


Love him, or hate him, I think Gary Vee’s got a point. In 2019, if your brand isn’t on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, your message probably isn’t reaching most people. In my opinion, you need to provide an authentic, daily/weekly, sustained message that provides your audience/clients value. The return on investment (ROI) is brand recognition when it comes to purchasing and a positive legacy.

In building my personal brand, I strive to present the story of projects/adventures I embark on. On any given shoot, I try to produce 3-4 pieces of content geared at Instagram & Youtube (that can also be used in print/traditional marketing). It’s a strategy that folks should consider, to produce pieces of content daily for their relevant platforms. I can definitely help in strategizing, training on multimedia tools (cameras, photo/video/audio, etc.), production of content and potentially management.


I personally find the Gary Vee’s podcast to be one of the greatest tools with regards to understanding where marketing is going and getting your mindset in check. The bottom is a podcast I find particularly helpful. Furthermore, I use Socialblade to look at basic metrics wrt to Instagram & Youtube.